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Pipi – famous Dalmatian orange soft drink

Pipi, famous Dalmatian orange soft drink is a brand by Dalmacijavino company and one of the best-known beverages in the region. Pipi represents an unavoidable experience f summer, sun and Dalmatia. Soda with the added carefree extract evokes the feeling of summer joy and reflects the famous Dalmatian relaxation. 

After its retro visual identity was modernized last year, Pipi can now be found in a new plastic and can packaging and is available in the whole Croatia.

Except by its looks, Pipi is well-recognized by its communication with consumers. Creative “I don’t give a Pipi” concept is exceptionally well accepted among young, but also older population.

Big success of the new design and original communication can be seen through a significant increase in retail market, and big international potential. Pipi is available in some neighbouring countries and Austria.  

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