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Karlovačko Natur Radler

Karlovačko Natur Radler is a mixture of Karlovačko lager and fruit juice. It is available in two flavours:  well-known lemon flavour and the new one – grapefruit mint. Karlovačko Natur Radlers are made of natural ingredients – this is what distinguishes this brand from others on the domestic market. On the Tour of Croatia, the refreshment will be available in cans which are designed to stand upside down. Due to the fact that Karlovačko Natur Radlers are made of 100% natural ingredients, after some time sediment can appear. In order for ingredients to meld and to fully enjoy the drink, it is necessary to flip over the can before opening. Furthermore, Karlovačko Natur Radlers do not contain preservatives, artificial colours nor sweeteners. A legend connects radlers with the bartender Franz Xaver Kugler. In 1922 several thousands of thirsty cyclists entered his bar located in one Bavarian town. Franz did not have any beer but he had a supply of sparkling lemonade. He mixed the lemonade and beer and gave this drink to thirsty guests and explained that he had prepared it especially for them. Cyclists were delighted and the rest is history.

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