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Europlakat is the market leader in Croatia in outdoor advertising. Europlakat has 5500 surfaces distributed nationally, of which 58% are billboards, 40% citylights, and the remaining 2% are various formats including wallscapes, backlights, bigboards and Trivision signs. Our advertising surfaces are spread throughout all the Croatian counties. We continuously strive to maintain our leading position in outdoor advertising in Croatia with advanced and quality solutions, which we are constantly adapting to the needs of our business partners.

Europlakat works diligently and with care in carrying out all the stages of its business transactions, from the first meeting with a client, manufacturing and placement of billboards to maintaining existing surfaces, while guided by environmental, functional and aesthetic standards. The result is a modern and urban cityscape and satisfied citizens. Regular and thorough maintenance ensures the attractiveness and functionality of Europlakat's advertising surfaces.


source: www.europlakat.hr/en

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