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ENERGYPLUS, headquartered in Ludbreg, is company involved in the design and production of professional LED lighting for outdoor and indoor areas. Quality, durability, energy efficiency, correlated color temperature (CCT), light flow control (so called intelligent lighting) and environmentally friendliness are the main advantages of LED lighting fixtures compared to conventional lighting (mercury, fluo, metal halide ...).

With its own innovations and the implementation of the latest technological achievements, ENERGYPLUS offers the best lighting solutions for industrial halls and warehouses, business and administration buildings, shops and shopping centers, hotels, underground garages, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, as well as public and road lighting. Excellent teams for customer support and lighting design are the best guarantee to find the optimal solution for everyone.

Recognizing the importance of investing in the community, ENERGYPLUS has been actively engaged in activities that contribute to the quality of life and the development of society in years to follow. Since the beginning ENERGYPLUS is investing in charity projects, science and education, sustainable development, culture, art and sports.

In evaluating the projects, the quality, uniqueness and the benefit of the project for the community are the characteristic which are specially appreciated, and the decision to sponsor Tour of Croatia is another proof of company’s social responsibility and business strategy.

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