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City of Zagreb

As the largest Croatian city, Zagreb is a beautiful destination, one that remains relatively undiscovered to tourists, where the charm of Central and South-Eastern Europe mixes with the Mediterranean. Its past dates back to the Middle Ages when it was first mentioned as a town in the year 1094. During its turbulent past, Zagreb and its surrounding urban areas faced many challenges, but they managed to preserve their rich cultural and natural heritage. These days it is a city known for its sophisticated economic activities, a high quality of life, excellent faculties, a plethora of museums and sports and entertainment events. The main economic sectors in Zagreb are the high-tech industry and the service industry.

Zagreb has a lot to offer and if you choose to spend a day exploring the historic sights, such as the church of St. Mark, or buying fresh food at the always-open market Dolac, visiting many museums or walking around the Maksimir forest park, the city will not disappoint you.

Even though public transport is very functional and fast, this energetic city can be traversed entirely on foot. The city is packed with charming cafes and trendy restaurants where you can enjoy local wines and tasty food.
Also, don't easily dismiss drinking coffee, as the Zagreb cafes are a favorite living room of everyone near them. With a first-class gastronomic selection, Zagreb is a very modern place with a diverse range of nightclubs.

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