this year the Tour will be held under the new name CRO Race from 1st to 6th October

Published: 06.04.2019.

For those who are still confused: we, Top Sport Events d..o.o. are the original organizers and the ones who initiated and organized Tour of Croatia 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Unfortunately, this year we were prevented in organizing the race under the same name and in the same time, because the former associate with whom we cancelled and aborted the entire cooperation, took over the right over Tour of Croatia name by fraud. Beside taking the name and those 13 letters that make the name of the race, he falsely and completely untruthfully attributes the achievements and results of the past years to him, and they do not belong to him, they belong to Top Sport Events d.o.o. that do not belong to him. Because of all this, the whole case of the race is now unfortunately in court. We who initiated the race and made Tour of Croatia a world-famous race that made the entire Croatia proud ad attracted the world's biggest cycling stars to Croatia will be organizing the race again this year! Unfortunately, until the end of the court dispute, we had to change the name to CRO Race and switch the time on October 1st to 6th. Our claims could be easily verified and checked on the official website, in the UCI calendar or just by searching the internet. On our original, "real" racewill be held in October, and attended by leading world teams and cyclists, with details about stages and host cities known a lot ahead of time, the promotion will be on the global level as usual and the race will go live on worldwide on different TV channels.  Once again, we will be hosting numerous events and entertainment content along the race and once again be happy to send "Croatia's Most Beautiful Postcard" to the world, "written" by Vladimir Miholjević and Top Sport Events Team!