Host Cities / Stage 6

Sveti Ivan Zelina

Welcome to Sveti Ivan Zelina - a town with a thousand hills for 1000 experiences. Sveti Ivan Zelina is an old cultural and economic center of the foothill region called Hrvatsko prigorje, and it proudly bears the title of the beauty queen of Prigorje and the local belvedere. Make sure to visit Vuglenice in Zrinšćina, the lLake Mokrica, the thermal water source in Krečaves, and one of the many events organised throughout the year.

Climb the hills of Zelina following the educational path either on foot, by bike or quad, or on a  horseback. In the local restaurants and agritourism you can savour gastronomic delicacies offered to you including numerous traditional dishes and recipes. Taste Zelina´s loparka, a traditional delicacy.  An attractive position of accommodation facilities stil close butyet distant enough from Zagreb will provide you with numerous experiences during each visit.



TB Sv. Ivan Zelina