Host Cities / Stage 2


In Town Slunj discover Rastoke water village also known as “little Plitvice lakes”. Rastoke were created by a game of nature in a place where river Slunjčica flows into river Korana therefore creating many lakes and waterfalls. Best way to discover our destination is by cycling, walking, hiking on our trails that pass through interesting areas. You can explore river Mrežnica and Korana threw activities like kayaking, rafting, fishing and swimming in untouched nature that will inspire you.

Beautiful nature, traditional and modern gastronomy, most welcoming hosts and much more await you in our destination Slunj Rastoke

Our waters will inspire, calm and slow you down, take you on a true journey or life inspiration. Know that you can do anything here or nothing at all.


TB Slunj

Photo: Vedran Božićević