Host Cities / Stage 6

Zagrebačka županija

Zagreb County, or 'the Green Ring of Zagreb' as some people call it, has a very rich heritage and beautiful natural scenery. Forests and hills are interwoven with numerous hiking, walking and cycling paths. Hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers can find refreshments in numerous restaurants and mountain lodges. Weekend visitors can choose from more than 40 resorts and family agro-touristic homesteads, along with three wine roads - Plešivica, Zelina, and the Samobor wine road.
This area has a very rich cultural and historical heritage. There are numerous monuments as a reminiscence of its rich past: castles, manors, wooden religious heritage, among others.
The cultural offer of Zagreb County is diverse and rich. Numerous festivals and events organised throughout the year (the Samobor Carnival, St George’s Day in Turopolje, Jelačić Days, the International Knights Tournament of the Knights of Zelingrad, Jaska Wine Festival, the Bučijada Pumpkin Festival, Perunfest, Sveta Nedelja Fish Stew Cook-off, “What our Ancestors Ate" Food Festival, Autumn in Dugo Selo, and many others).
With its exceptionally rich food and wine culture, and offering many cultural, sports and leisure activities, Zagreb County is an ideal destination to suit every taste.