Host Cities / Stage 6


Vrbovec is a town about 40 kilometers distance north-east of Zagreb. The first written mention of Vrbovec dates from 1244. in a grant from Bela IV. Throughout history, it has belonged to many famous families, including the Frankopan, Zrinski, Patačić and de Piénnes, and each of them has promoted economic, cultural or social development through their activities. Numerous famous influential people in Croatian history were born in Vrbovec, of which we point out Ban Petar Zrinski, and writer and first female Croatian journalist Marija Jurić Zagorka.
We must also mention the cultural heritage of Vrbovec and its surroundings. For instance, remains of the castle in Vrbovec of which today is only the tower left and the castle of the Patačić family in the city park, where is also the church of St. Vid, then the mausoleum of the de Piénnes family with a gilded dome in the city cemetery, and the castle Lovrečina grad.
The biggest event is the tourist and culinary event "Kaj su jeli naši stari" based on traditional heritage, which has been attracting numerous visitors from Croatia and abroad for almost 40 years, preserving the traditionals recipes, culture and customs of the Vrbovec town.