Host Cities / Stage 4


The municipality of Starigrad is located in the northwestern part of Dalmatia, as a part of the Zadar region. Gently laid out along the seacoast at the foot of the magnificent Velebit Mountain, it joins mountain and sea, the Mediterranean with an upland climate, tradition with modernity. The thousand years of the rapidly flowing streams of the Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons, with their sources high up in the Velebit Mountain, formed at their base the fertile plain and peaceful shore that is the site of the present towns of Starigrad, Seline, and Tribanj. The nearness of sea and mountain, particularly through the attractive canyons of National Park Paklenica, makes it not merely a pleasant seaside resort, but also a traditional gathering place for hikers and climbers, adventurers and scientists, and all nature lovers.


Source: TB Municipality of Starigrad

Photo: Boris Kačan