Host Cities / Stage 3

PP Biokovo

Because of its unique geomorphology, exquisite biodiversity and natural landscape beauty, Biokovo was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1981. It spreads over an area of 193 km2 and covers the mountain from the Dupci pass to Gornje Igrane, with a length of approximately 30 km. Biokovo Botanical Garden “Kotišina”, partly located in the Park, is situated at the coastal slopes of Biokovo above the village Kotišina. At first sight poor and naked, Biokovo is rich with numerous plant and animal species. With the occasional ancient forest of breech, fir, and the black Dalmatian pine tree, we also find a great number of plant types, among which are endemic species such as Edraianthus pumilio, Centaurea biokovensis, Centaurea cuspidata and others.



Nature Park Biokovo