Host Cities / Stage 3


Brela is the door to Makarska Riviera. The nature has truly let its imagination run wild, so there is much to see. In Brela you will find the natural landscape phenomena and recognizable brand of Croatian tourism, the rock symbol of Brela as well as of the overall Makarska Rivijera and Croatia – a rock in the sea covered with pine trees. It is located right next to the beach Punta Rata, which was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2004 by the American magazine Forbes. Also, in 2014 Huffington Post described Brela as a dream destination and the reason for „hopping“ in a plane as soon as possible.

In addition to the enjoyment in the untouched, picturesque pebble beaches, Brela offers a variety of options for an active vacation: recreation on the 7 km long promenade by the sea, with outdoor fitness equipment, kayaking, walking and hiking paths, educational paths, cycling, as well as various activities related to the sea. In June and August there is a free program for children with animators on a daily basis, as well as a water polo school and an aqua park.

You want to have a rest, gather life energy, breathe with full lungs? Come to Brela! Brela is a true oasis of peace, romance and artistic inspiration.


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