Host Cities / Stage 3

Baška Voda

„Sense of the sea, sense of the mountain!” is the slogan of the unique blend of crystal clear sea, pearly beaches, abundance of aromatic herbs and magnificent Biokovo mountain. This God's gift, diligent locals enriched with comfortable hotels, of which 7 are 4-star hotels, sport-nautical ports, campsites and quality private accommodation that is, according to the number of awards, one of the best in Croatia, fine restaurants and various other catering offers, marvelous promenades along the coast and kilometers-long walking trails and other sport-recreational facilities.

The quality of Baška Voda touristic product has also been confirmed by getting 4 national tourist prizes „Blue Flower”. The main beach in Baška Voda, Nikolina beach, has confirmed its quality with the „Blue Flag” as well as with the annual listing as one of the best beaches in Croatia. Even Daily Mail ranked it among the 10 most attractive beaches in the Mediterranean. The beauty of Baška Voda is constantly spreading worldwide via 6 webcams, and the webcam viewing the centre, port and beach was proclaimed the most beautiful web cam view in the world in 2015. Certainly, an inevitable essence of this beauty is Dalmatian charm and widely renowned hospitality of the local people.

Source: TB Baška Voda