Stages / Stage 6

Samobor – Zagreb

Date: 22.04.2018. Stage Length: 151,5 km

The last stage takes place between Samobor and Zagreb. The final two rounds in Zagreb, with the finish goal at St. Mark square are especially attractive. After the first edition of the race, the organizers received praise from the German editorial office of Eurosport that the final round in the City of Zagreb is the most attractive laps they have seen and how this ending should remain part of the race. The dynamic and demands of the lapses across the center of Zagreb do not allow anyone to take it easy, and the winner is usually the most explosive cyclist of the race. Victory at St. Mark square has its significance, the winners have performed an unforgettable celebratory dance and received praises from the moderators of the Tour de France, making it the best possible compliment there is.