Host Cities / Stage 6

Sveti Ivan Zelina

Sveti Ivan Zelina is the center of Prigorje and famous wine region. Sveti Ivan Zelina has a rich wine tradition, over 150 years old. The foundations of modern viticulture are here. 1860 in Zelina the first exhibition of wine was held, and the city is for 50 continuous years the host of exhibitions of wine in continental Croatia. It is therefore not surprising that the official champagne of the race is from Zelina - sparkling wine from indigenous sort Kraljevina. This region is very picturesque, and attracts a lot of hikers who have access to hiking and biking trails and numerous events during the year, like the International Knights' Tournament of Zelingradski Knights, Croatian short films show “Kratki na brzinu”, kajkav recitals and others. For more information visit


Source: TB Sv. Ivan Zelina