Host Cities / Stage 6


Samobor is a medieval town of baroque architecture situated on the eastern side of Samobor mountains. It is located 20 kilometres away from Zagreb, and is, therefore the oldest trip destination of hikers and both Croatian and foreign tourists. It is surrounded by the Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje Hill Range. Gourmet tradition and its diverse offer is the reason why Samobor attracts so many food lovers. There are few tourists and visitors who leave Samobor without trying local specialities and the famous custard slice of kremšnita. Throughout the year, Samobor provides a rich offer of traditional, cultural and wine and gastronomic festivals. Samobor festival, with the tradition of more than 190 years, is the most famous manifestation of the town. As important bike destination, Samobor hosts an international mountain bike race, which is in the calendar of Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI).


Source: TB Samobor

Photo: Davor Đopar