Host Cities / Stage 3

Sv. Filip i Jakov

On the shores of Pašman Channel, surrounded by the historic town of Zadar and royal town of Biograd, there lies the picturesque small town of Sv. Filip i Jakov.

Sv. Filip i Jakov is well known for former summer residences and parks that belonged to Zadar noblemen. The one that is still famous nowadays is the Borelli family park. Nowadays, Sv. Filip i Jakov is a blend of magnificent Dalmatian nature, the sea makes it so mystical and beautiful and the vast and fertile hinterland offers it its protection. It is a blend of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle – a place where kind people live. Turanj is a tourist place connected with the centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov by the promenade “Lungo mare”. Spreading along 4 km of shore, it is located in Pašman Channel and surrounded by a small archipelago of 16 islets. The view from the shore, to the only inhabited island in the archipelago, the island of Babac, only one nautical mile away from Turanj, is simply irresistible.

Source: TB Sv. Filip i Jakov