Host Cities / Stage 1


Varaždin is a city located in the northern Croatia, 81 km from the city of Zagreb. It is known as the “Baroque city” due to well preserved baroque buildings and as the “City of bicycles” due to the impressive statistic of two bikes per capita. The Old Town Varaždin was first mentioned in 12th century and forms the city nucleus of the modern Varaždin. The magnificent forts of the Old Town are the biggest monument in the city of Varaždin and one of its biggest tourist attractions. For a while in history, this city was the medieval capital of Croatia. Interestingly, the Old Town was featured on the now defunct 5 Kuna bill but the picture of the fort was a mirror image of its actual appearance.

Varaždin main square, the King Tomislav square, is also known as Korzo. The most impresive part of the square is church like building on the northern end, which is actually a town hall. King Tomislav square will also be a finish line of the first stage of Tour of Croatia.