Host Cities / Stage 3


Sinj is a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia County,Croatia. The town itself has a population of the administrative municipality, which includes surrounding villages, around 24,000.

Sinj was seized by the Turks in 16th century, when it was liberated by the Venetian Republic. From 1815 to 1918, the town was a part of the Austrian monarchy. The major attraction is the traditional Tilters Tournament of Sinj (Sinjska alka).  Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition held in the town every first Sunday in August since 1717. It commemorates a Croatian-Venetian victory over Ottomans on August 14, 1715 in which the local Christian population of around 700 Croats in cooperation with a smaller number of Venetians managed to defend Sinj against 60,000 Ottoman soldiers. In 2010, the Alka was inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.