Host Cities / Stage 1


This year, Tour of Croatia starts in the city of Osijek. This charming city, situated on the Drava river, has a rich history that dates back to the Roman times. The Romans conquered this part of the Pannonian plain,in the area of today’s Down Town, and formed a military camp and a civilian  settlement  Mursa.  More  intensive  rise of  the  city  was  connected  with  the  name ofthe Emperor Hadrian, who gave Mursa the status of a colony in the year 133.

Today,  the  city  has  various  remarkable  attractions.  One of  them is  the  Fort  Tvrđa.Itislocated in the Old Town of the city of Osijek and it is a Habsburg star fort built on the right bank  of  the  River  Drava.  Tvrđa  has  been  described  by  the  World  Monuments  Fund  as  "a unique  example  of  an  eighteenth-century  baroque  military,  administrative,  and  commercial urban center".

The church of St. Peter and St. Paul dominates in the city centre.  The Church is a Neo-Gothic co-cathedral.  The  church  was  built  in  1898  and  is  currently  the  tallest  building  in  Croatia outside  of  Zagreb.  The  church  is  built  of  three  and  a  half million  bricks  and  the  four  tower bells weigh 2665 kg, 1552 kg, 740 kg and 331 kg.